Supreme Court of India

Language Model

Madhavankutty Pillai

On a gender-just handbook by the Supreme Court

A Reasonable Restriction

The Law Commission has affirmed that sedition is a necessary law that must be saved but with additional safeguards

Moving the Needle on Gay Rights

Apart from the letter of the law, the courts must judiciously balance competing claims in society

Restoring the Balance

The case for parliamentary sovereignty and judicial boundaries

The Case for a Good Death

India never goes far enough with euthanasia

“Scientific” Law?

It is all about the personal philosophies of individual judges

Justice Chandrachud’s Challenge

Striking a balance between competing interests and interpreting the law on the basis of the Constitution will serve the best interests of the court and the nation. Justice Chandrachud is well-versed in the Constitution. Upholding its provisions and true spirit in the face of exaggerated expectations will define his tenure

Modi Vindicated

After two decades, the Supreme Court finds no evidence of wrongdoing against the Prime Minister

The Devas Matrix

The Supreme Court order upholding the winding up of the company for fraud will help India contest arbitration awards totalling 15,000 crore even as the new developments turn the spotlight on a UPA-era deal and a plot to cheaply sell expensive space band spectrum

It’s God’s Gold, Sorry

No government has the right to take away what’s given to the deity


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