Supreme Court of India

A Handle on Bonds


Narendra Modi’s comments on the electoral bonds case stand out as he suggested that while there is room for improvement in political funding, the Supreme Court’s decision to scrap the initiative altogether was a case of throwing the baby out with the bathwater

Return to Transparency

The Supreme Court is right about electoral bonds

The Supreme Court and Dharma

Justice Kurian Joseph has got it wrong

Triumph of the Union

The Supreme Court judgment on Article 370 is a historical correction

Reopening of a Case

On the president asking for an All-India Judicial Service

The Long Goodbye

On the Supreme Court trying to bring in clarity on capital punishment

The House Supremacy

The Supreme Court makes it clear that there is no judicial route to creating a fundamental right to marriage, same-sex or otherwise. Parliament alone can make laws

Language Model

On a gender-just handbook by the Supreme Court

A Reasonable Restriction

The Law Commission has affirmed that sedition is a necessary law that must be saved but with additional safeguards


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