Centre plans law to punish exam cheating mafia

Rajeev Deshpande

The Bill will exclude students and focus of organised criminal rings that use tech and impersonation to breach national-level examinations

Meat for Thought

A dispute in IIT Bombay reopens the debate over exclusive spaces for vegetarians

The Choice That Is Not

On an education ministry study that looked at the streams students preferred

Hiring Smart

As the talent pool changes, it is important for organisations to alter their practices

The Digital Ninjas

Technology is transforming business education

Custom Made

Moulding a new crop of business managers for Industry 4.0

New Thinking

A brief history of the Indian MBA

AIMA: Challenging the Status Quo

Upgrading management education for the new economy

IIM Kozhikode: A 3D Approach

The core values of diversity, digitalisation and disruption are paramount

IIM Calcutta: Rigour and Relevance

The benefits of social good over the balance sheet


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