All the CEO’s Men

Amita Shah

Four characters in a play scripted by an unseen hand

Guilty or Gullible?

A compromised National Stock Exchange and its top executive who broke every rule in the book

It’s the Regulator, Stupid!

Prescriptions for easy business

Bubble Wrap

Why the record high of stock markets is a sign that it’s best to stay away

Hearing Aids for India Inc

Sebi should push for greater shareholder democracy

Raghuram Rajan: The Governor and Governance

Raghuram Rajan’s exit and the question of institutional independence

Honey, They Shrunk the Money

Can you trust your financial advisor? Will Sebi’s new regulations make it any easier?

The trading ‘ban’ on Anil Ambani’s companies

Anil Ambani has said that his participation in the marathon shows his drive and focus are strong

New Rules of the M&A Game

A Sebi-appointed panel proposes major changes in takeover norms to make the process fair. The real test will be in their implementation.


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