The Tipping Point

Bhaichand Patel

Service charge? It’s not as simple as that

Flavour of the City

What it takes to dish out Mumbai’s most coveted and imaginative restaurants

One Billion Tonnes

The expanding problem of food waste in a world of hunger

China Bowl

Where gastronomy ensures continuity

Robo Chef

It can whip out a crispy dosa or make you a fiery chicken masala. And it will never ask you for a raise

The Sudden Death of Restaurants: Table for None

Restaurants and hotels might not ever fully recover

Restaurant Reviews: The Fault in Their Stars

Restaurants are biting back at social media influencers who offer good reviews for a fee and free meals

Mumbai Notebook

Fire safety as an afterthought

Deepinder Goyal, 34, Founder & CEO, Zomato

‘Good things happen even during the worst days,’ says Deepinder Goyal


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