In Sita’s Footsteps

Ram Madhav

Her lifetime sufferings changed the way the world perceives woman’s strength

Ravana’s Salvation

Rama sat by the feet of the fallen demon king to gain knowledge from him


The Ramayan’s success was remarkable, and the public response was far greater than anyone anticipated

How Did Indian History Become Myth?

Rama’s memory lives on because of his extraordinary life and persona

Rama: A Reasonable Man

The Rama story is about being true to a pledge regardless of consequences

The Epic Epiphany

The abiding attraction of the Ramayana to Indian society, and to the Indian mind, lies in the innumerable idealised social relations that abound in the epic. Its importance as a template for social bonds is what is often missed in the textual discussions that preoccupy scholars

Where Did the Temples Go?

Justice has been meted out for a historical wrong. Hindus waited for this moment for five centuries and have taken it with dignified restraint. A majority of Muslims too have understood that they were misled by vested interests and it was wrong to destroy and appropriate the places of worship of others

Ram: The Ideal Pop Culture Icon

The dynamism and creativity of a people who see Ram as their own prince, friend, son or brother will prevail

Rama: A Remarkable Hero

Learning from Rama in the wake of the Ayodhya judgment

Ramayana 2019: The Restoration of a God

It’s a tragedy of our times that it took the highest court of India to bring peace between India’s present and its cultural past


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