When Parashurama Wields the Axe

Bibek Debroy

The winners and losers in a battle like no other

The Stag and the Doe

Why did Parashurama shield the deer from the hunter?

The Sacred Bow

The significance of Shiva’s gift to Parashurama

The War of Dharma

Amish’s fourth book in the Ram Chandra series takes contemporary questions to the ancient battlefields

Ram Setu: The Shallow Sea Bridge

The underwater land strip between India and Sri Lanka shuffles between myth, history, commerce and, now, Bollywood

Atmanirbhar Heroes

Mirroring the flourishing genre of Indian epic fiction in literature, the film industry hopes to bring to the big screen these made-in-India offerings

The Man and the Ideal

Arshia Sattar brings out the many shades of dharma in the Ramayana

Exile and Kingdom

Returning to the epics to find pandemic metaphors not in war but in acts of generosity and kindness

Sudasa: India’s First War Hero

He drove away north-western tribes, which have attacked India over millennia, from the river Ravi

The Untold Story: Ramayan and the Dravidian Connection

CN Annadurai and M Karunanidhi were behind the serial success of Ramayan-inspired family movie hits across languages in the 1950s and the 1960s


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