The Proof of the Past

How historians like BB Lal brought the facts of Ayodhya to light

Mass of Faith

The significance of Dasharath's capital

Modi’s Temple Tour Evoked Faith and Lord Rama’s Life

The itinerary was replete with stories from Ramayana and spiritual revival

Ayodhya Beckons

It’s not just Hindus who revere Rama for his virtues

When Parashurama Wields the Axe

The winners and losers in a battle like no other

The Stag and the Doe

Why did Parashurama shield the deer from the hunter?

The Sacred Bow

The significance of Shiva’s gift to Parashurama

The War of Dharma

Amish’s fourth book in the Ram Chandra series takes contemporary questions to the ancient battlefields

Ram Setu: The Shallow Sea Bridge

The underwater land strip between India and Sri Lanka shuffles between myth, history, commerce and, now, Bollywood


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