Ram Mandir

Restoring the Sun God In Kashmir

Amit Majmudar

The political urgency of rebuilding Hinduism in the Valley

A Hindu Restoration

The ASI report’s conclusion that a large temple pre-existed the Gyanvapi Mosque has triggered a fresh upsurge of Hindu sentiment after the Ram Mandir

Sole Searching

The enduring power of Brand Modi

God’s Politician

Modi’s reclamation of all things Hindu was part of a larger project of deconditioning and decolonisation

Chandrakant B Sompura: Inspired Hands

The Ram Mandir architect’s family has been designing temples for generations

Humble in Victory

The consequences of the consecration must reflect sacred virtues

At Home With Ram

A god has returned and the man who dedicated him to India added a new chapter to his own legend

Places of Worship or Prisoners of War?

What is the right way to reclaim occupied dharmic sites?

The Proof of the Past

How historians like BB Lal brought the facts of Ayodhya to light


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