Priyanka Gandhi

Home Truths

Jayanta Ghosal

Political observers are now remembering past high-profile housing cases

Public Gift Not for Private Collection

As a debate rages over the ownership of a painting sold by Priyanka Gandhi to disgraced Yes Bank founder Rana Kapoor, a look at the gifting culture in Indian politics

Rahul’s War On the Congress

Now that Rahul Gandhi has walked away, the Congress’ karmic decrepitude has cast its dysfunctional spell on its leaders.

How the Congress Lost the War of Ideas

Rahul Gandhi did not have a counter-argument in the face of force Modi

Inside the Mind of the Indian Muslim Voter

India’s largest minority community is gripped by fear and anxiety

Sisters Lose

The family bias in Indian politics

No Time for Abu Dhabi

Image Consultants | A Historic Turn | Rahul’s Economist | Priyanka’s Space | Calling on the Old Guard | Didi Does Care

Intimately Priyanka

Aditya Iyer finds out how the Gandhi mystique plays out on a campaign trail

Nationalism: Right on Time

Nationalism is back as a persuasive theme in this General Election

Open Diary

No election is ever won until it is actually won


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