Unfree Verse

Madhavankutty Pillai

What a $1 million grant for social justice poetry says about the dangers to creativity today

Gibberish Galore

The enduring pleasures of nonsense stories and verse

A Poet’s Prose

Dom Moraes’ travelogue is delicious piece of literary journalism from the 1950s

Pandemic Verses

Ode to Lysol and limericks

Anthem and Salve

The poetry of resistance gains new audience

In Search of Meaning

Poems where the tender is in conversation with the political

‘I’m more interested in what remains when the story is done’

Arundhathi Subramaniam’s recent collection of poems revisits childhood, friendships and ageing

The Age of Dissent

How the Hungry Movement of Bengal in the 60s mirrored the Beat Generation

AK Ramanujan: A Poet’s Testament

A new volume of AK Ramanujan’s unpublished notebooks reveals the struggles and sagacity behind greatness

Free Verse

The extraordinary romance of the ordinary


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