The Rock Chronicles

Madhavankutty Pillai

The Buddhist and Shaivite caves in and around Mumbai speak of a hidden past

Breathe Uneasy

Air pollution and its effects on the health of Indians are becoming worse with every year but there is no solution in sight

Kaali Peeli: The Wheels of Mumbai

An iconic symbol of the city, the Premier Padmini taxi, takes a last bow

Hanging In the Balance

Mumbai’s iconic Hanging Gardens will shut for seven years. But residents and environmentalists are resisting the closure

Mumbai: Breathless in the City

Cleaning our air will require long-term plan­ning and bringing various sections of society together

Scenes from Sicily

What Indian films can do for tourism, à la The White Lotus

Chocolate Chic

A new gourmet trend comes to the cities

All Murders Are Imperfect

A sensational killing gets a life sentence for one of India’s leading artists

Mayhem in the Metropolis

An elegy to a Mumbai destroyed by greed and cynicism

The Great Indian Table

The diversity of India’s food culture, from the meats of military hotels in Bengaluru to the royal munchies of Rajasthan


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