My Undying Love Affair

Anupama Chopra

Why, after so many years, am I so in Bollywood’s thrall? It’s the stories, really. The ones you never see turned into films

Five of My Favourites

There are some films that never leave you. Here is my selection of a few unforgettable ones

Man, Wife and Cinema Set

Abbas and Pakhi Tyrewala on working together… and the lies they tell each other

Three Men in a Theatre

The astonishing story of three young men who got addicted to Hollywood in the late 1940s and could not give it up as they slowly became old men and the world around them changed.

Ear for the Ordinary

In a film, you hear sounds other than dialogues and music: the hum of a lift, a sofa creak, a dog bark. These sounds come from improbable places. They are works of invisible artists called Foleys

My Desert Island Flix

Five films that will make you wish your rescue team doesn’t arrive too soon. Or, at all

The Intermission

The Hindi film industry, till recently, had so much cash that even alternate cinema was being funded. But now, recession has changed something


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