Indian-origin IT head at FIFA World Cup gung-ho about AI

Ullekh NP

Doha-based Niyas Abdulrahiman says the concept of ‘compact stadiums’ is here to stay

Talent Tectonics

New realities for management colleges and companies

Bridging Competencies

Upskilling for a future-ready workforce

Hiring Smart

As the talent pool changes, it is important for organisations to alter their practices

The Digital Ninjas

Technology is transforming business education

Custom Made

Moulding a new crop of business managers for Industry 4.0

New Thinking

A brief history of the Indian MBA

AIMA: Challenging the Status Quo

Upgrading management education for the new economy

IIM Kozhikode: A 3D Approach

The core values of diversity, digitalisation and disruption are paramount

IIM Calcutta: Rigour and Relevance

The benefits of social good over the balance sheet


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