One Nation, One Law

Rajeev Deshpande

Uttarakhand’s uniform civil code aims to introduce the same provisions for marriage, divorce and succession for all communities and reduce the divisiveness inherent in different personal laws

Caste Aspersions

The Indian implications of California’s Senate Bill 403

The Lighter Side of Legislators

When lawmakers engage in a frank discussion on the pitfalls of politics

The Assange Trial and the Fate of Journalism

An archaic US legislation may just endanger the future of journalism

Clash of Ideals

Is the State set to loom over the Market again? 

Crime and Politics

There is no solution as long as voters don’t care

Change the Chamber Music

For a Rajya Sabha that truly reflects the interests of the states

Time for Rejuvenation Therapy

There is a way to end the curse of the backlog

Open Diary

Democracy will work better if law-makers take the trouble of interacting with ordinary people

The Bane of Belated Justice

Efficient dispute resolution is an integral component of good governance


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