legal issue

The Limits of Assisted Suicide

Madhavankutty Pillai

At what point should the right to die be invoked?

Fali S Nariman (1929-2024): The Guardian of Constitutional Democracy

Nariman did much more to further the cause of liberty than many others after him. In 1972, he was appointed additional solicitor general. Instead of clinging to that office, Nariman quit when his conscience would not allow him to hold that position anymore

A Dangerous Disaffection

Sedition rears its absurd head once again

The Abandoned: No Shelter for Orphans

Orphans are being thrown out of shelters even as parents face a shortage of children for adoption

#MenToo: Role Reversal

The curious case of a rape allegation against a celebrity that led to a fledgling MenToo movement


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