Zakir Naik: The Preacher’s Progress

Haima Deshpande in Mumbai

What makes Zakir Naik an incendiary evangelist?

Mohit Takalkar: The Minimal Master

Neither commercial nor experimental, Mohit Takalkar has developed his own stage idiom. And now it’s winning awards

Behind the Vale

This former RAW chief’s pacy account on Kashmir is not consistently insightful but his pessimism is not off the mark

Can Modi Trust This Man?

An ambitious Modi with Kashmir on his mind is desperate for a piece of history in South Asia but will Nawaz Sharif let him?

The Ghosts of Pathribal

Several questions remain unanswered in this 14-year-old fake encounter case

The Old Country

Everything that shifts in the move from small town to big city

40 Days

Chilai Kalan, the harshest yet mesmeric phase of winter in Kashmir

The Band’s Visit

The chasm between feeling and reality in Kashmir

The Ghosts of Exile

A Kashmiri filmmaker visits his homelessness through the story of a schizophrenic refugee

The Divide and the Design

The violence in Kishtwar bears the signs of an orchestrated plan to create a Kashmir Valley-like situation in this part of Jammu


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