Jammu and Kashmir

The Roerichs in Kashmir and Ladakh

Ajay Kamalakaran

During their famous Altai-Himalaya expedition nearly 100 years ago, the mystical Russian family spent a few months in the then princely state of Jammu and Kashmir. The suspicious British government tried to play spoilsport

Manoj Sinha: The Man and the Mission

The new J&K Lt Governor Manoj Sinha’s first task is to reach out and regain public confidence

The Mahatma and Kashmir

On the eve of the first anniversary of the abrogation of Article 370, let us remember Gandhi’s Churchillian moment in the face of Pakistani aggression

The Web of Rights

Between internet freedom and national integrity

Digital Showdown

Internet freedom is expected to see a dip this year although people will find ways to stay connected

The National Reckoning

The awakening and accompanying challenges

Being Amit Shah

Is he the inheritor of the Patel legacy?

Press Relations

A media-friendly Amit Shah

Imran Khan’s Choice

Pakistan's Prime Minister puts the spotlight on contentious issues in South Asia

The Valley of Abandoned Gods

The Junior Union Home Minister Kishan Reddy said the Government would restore and reopen thousands of vandalised temples in Jammu and Kashmir. Will there be a revival of the Hindu heritage in the Valley soon?


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