Indian Muslims

Minority Report: How Muslim’s Fare in Modi’s India

Surjit S Bhalla

Muslims in Modi’s India are doing better than Blacks in the US

Terms of Endearment

Modi’s India has become a bulwark of moderate and reformist Islam

Crying Wolf

Indian democracy is not a dictatorship of the majority

Modi’s Muslim Model

A political masterclass in reversing the narrative

A Constitutional Promise

Defenders of the idea of a Uniform Civil Code had hoped it would become a reality but the divisions seen in the Constituent Assembly took a turn for the worse in subsequent decades

Conjugal Justice

Five years after instant triple talaq was declared unconstitutional, many Muslim women now seek a ban on other unequal practices

Liberating India’s Muslims

Religious leaders, politicians and born-again liberals impede their progress

The Shadow of Partition

Tracing the evolution of Muslim politics in north India

It’s Time for a New Hindu-Muslim Deal

...because Indian secularism was doomed to fail

The Duality of the Hijab

Indian liberals see it as choice but their Indonesian counterparts as coercion


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