Indian Muslims

Questions of Identity

Mani Shankar Aiyar

What does Islam mean to Indians, Muslim and non-Muslim

The Message from Seemanchal

Congress’ last Muslim bastion in the north has collapsed

The Faultlines in Delhi

Constantly distrusting Indian Muslims, branding them as anti-nationals, is not a good idea

The Muslim Rage

There is little for secularists to cheer

‘Why I Am Proud to be a Hindu’

The liberating impact of Gandhi’s faith

Opponents of Citizenship Act are intellectually dishonest

Contrary to propaganda, Indian Muslims have nothing to be worried about the new law

Was Ambedkar Anti-Islam?

Deconstrution of an icon

How Democratic Processes Damage Citizenship Rights

It is true that India’s Constitution framers did not expect the articles dealing with citizenship to be set in stone

The Queen & Karim

An Indian Muslim in Victoria's court tells a larger story

Bisauli: A Place for Sedition

In this town, they support Pakistan and their numbers worry Hindu activists


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