A Passage to Varanasi

Bibek Debroy

The philosophy and geography of soul cleansing

The Elephant God

The primacy of Lord Ganesha

The Dialectics of Devotion

The aesthetics of Indian politics V

Breaking Barriers

Gautam Bhatia's debut novel is an argument between faith and reason

Jesus of India

Justice Banumathi’s faith expression is part of the subcontinent’s cultural reality

How Sabarimala Changed Kerala’s Politics

The Left Government has learnt its lesson, but the state has lost its outlier status

When the God Appeared

How are visionary experiences understood by practitioners themselves?

Trust Deficit

A lack of confidence pummels institutions, sours relationships

A Tale of Two Temples

Sabarimala and Ayodhya: from the fluidity of Hinduism to the certainties of social engineering

The Power of a Woman’s Spirit

Man’s strength, the muscular traction, is a pale and paltry thing in comparison


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