Ramveer Tanwar: Eco Cleanser

Amita Shah

How one man’s campaign to restore ponds is making a difference

The Little Green Book

Reading makes children care for the environment

‘Misrepresentations Damaged the Cause to Some Extent’

Shekhar Pathak’s book on the Chipko movement wins the Kamladevi Chattopadhyay New India Foundation Book Prize. The author in conversation with Open

The Thing About Electric Vehicles

Without the infrastructure, it is an impractical revolution

The Scent of Mumbai

A perfumed passage to nostalgia

The EVolution

Global trends, new players, governmental push and mindset change are driving the sales of electric vehicles in India

Climate Change on Canvas

The colours and contours of cautionary tales

Seasons’ Greetings

Learning from the ancients about a sustainable future

Sugathakumari (1934-2020): The Poet of Empathy

Her resolute campaign for environmental protection and the rights of women earned her the fame of an ecofeminist poet

Coral Relief

How researchers in India are relocating corals to facilitate urban projects and protect the reefs


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