Elon Musk

The Genie that Doesn’t Get Rebottled

Madhavankutty Pillai

A first step to address the risk from Artificial Intelligence has been taken but it might be already too late

Musk Mystique

A new biography of the world’s richest man portrays a genius who is also a deeply flawed human being

The Interpretation of Truth

Why the pursuit of online fact-checking is undoable

The Age of Hypercontrol

Guns, gas and gossip

The Commercial Solution

Why freeing Twitter’s blue tick by charging for it is a good idea

Twitter Anxiety

Musk exudes the wrong cultural vibe. That is good enough to set the liberal house on fire

Elon Musk’s Free Speech Gamble

One of Musk’s promises is to remove bots that inflate subscriber counts

Why Is Twitter Afraid of Elon Musk?

Free speech and the paranoid social(ist) media

Elon Musk: The Disruptor

Will he reinvent social media after becoming the biggest shareholder of Twitter?

Necessary Competition

On Elon Musk hinting at setting up a social media platform for free speech


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