Divided by Religion

J Sai Deepak

It is time to address the creeping inequality in cultural and educational rights caused by the 93rd Amendment

Zooming Out

Winning back user trust is proving to be easier said than done for the video-conferencing app

The Class of 2020

The pandemic is shaping the education system to value skills over degrees and mentorship over classroom routine

The Evils of Chatter

Bois Locker Room shows us how terrifying the world of teenagers can be, and how as a society we have let them down

Srinivasa Ramanujan: The Indian Mathematician Who Knew Infinity

Srinivasa Ramanujan's legacy a hundred years after his premature death

My Post-Covid World

A 17-year-old in his final year of school wonders what lies ahead

To Teachers, With Love

The educators who help students break out of poverty

A Viral Lesson

The Class of 2020 raises concerns as Covid-19 compels educational institutions to suspend examinations

Being Strategically Competitive

World-ranking agencies need to factor in the Indian context

The Education of a Prince

A king must delight his subjects but not violate his own dharma


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