The Class of Covid

Nandini Nair

For Generation Z, the last two years have forced a shift in perspectives and priorities. A chronicle of how college students survived the pandemic

Begin Again

What happens when 13 people quit societal norms and live on a deserted island for 25 years?

The Decline of Handwriting

Help! They can’t write anymore

Institutional Atrophy

Showcasing JNU in India’s culture wars

A Court Gets It Right on Hijab

The path requires judicial sagacity and eschewing of activism on the part of the courts

‘There is a conspiracy to prevent Muslim girls from accessing mainstream education’

The minister of minority affairs speaks to Rajeev Deshpande on the hijab controversy, calling it

They Have Come a Long Way

Muslim girls and women have made significant progress in education and skill development that must be protected from the noisy politics of the hijab

What the Headscarf Reveals

Reading Orhan Pamuk's Snow in the time of hijab politics

Behind the Veil

On the refusal of education to Muslim girls wearing hijab in Karnataka

A Plea for Love

When a poet’s fixation meets with indifference


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