East India Company

Asaf Ali’s Haveli

TCA Raghavan

The hidden history of a girls’ primary school in Old Delhi

A Benighted Presidency?

The daring struggle for freedom in the south has long been neglected

The Birth of Modern India

Nationalist tropes and imperial assumptions miss the Raj’s real economic impact

In Praise of Company Artists

Of Masters lost in transition

The Historian’s Eye

Tracing the footprints of Anarchy from Shah Alam’s Delhi to the Company’s Calcutta with a camera phone. Text and Photographs by William Dalrymple

East India Company: The Evil Empire

The White-Brown nexus comes alive in William Dalrymple’s compelling portrait of the East India Company

Saga of Strife

The slow but steady transformation of the East India Company from a trading entity to a ruling body in India

Woes of a Warrior

The prince who took on the East India Company for the era’s biggest port city

Conquest of India

The European domination over India comes alive in this dramatic narrative


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