The Frontline of Democracy

Siddharth Singh

On a visit to the home village of top Maoist commander Hidma in Bastar, Siddharth Singh finds ground domination and a humanitarian outreach are containing Maoist terror

Day of the Wave Riders

BJP’s spectacular victory in three states is matched by the party’s selection of the chief ministers

The Men and the Machine

Helped by its election apparatus to come back from behind in three heartland states, an energised BJP can now provide a perfect launchpad for Modi’s bid for a third term

The Enduring Modi Spell

India’s trust in the Prime Minister multiplies even as his detractors sink deeper in denial

Redeeming the Redeemer Cult

The persistence of Narendra Modi as democracy's most compelling story

High Stakes, High Hopes

BJP promises change on a nationalist plank

Intimations for the Incumbent

A resurgent BJP and influential Adivasi candidates could spoil the Congress show in Chhattisgarh’s first phase

Freebie Fix

Competitive populism of the manifestos can only come at a very high post-poll cost

Promises and Prospects

A report card on performance and politics

What’s At Stake?

The upcoming Assembly elections will provide BJP cues for the General Election next year


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