Counterintuitive Facts

Why more accurate data can give a blurry picture

In Love and Sickness

How a few online matchmaking platforms are connecting survivors and sufferers of serious illnesses like cancer

V Shanta (1927-2021): Doctor on Duty

She dedicated her life to making cancer treatment accessible

Empresses of Maladies

Cancer survivors are chronicling their stories, in books and on social media, with wisdom, courage and humour

Yuvraj Singh: True Grit

One of India’s finest sportsmen who battled without fear on the field and against cancer

E-smokers Under Fire

Electronic cigarettes face a bane in several states

No Country for Terminal Men

An IPS officer’s suicide and the difficulty of an easy death in India

It’s Our Dignity-in-Death Moment

Why India must legalise Living Wills and remove the confusion over euthanasia and End Of Life Care


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