Sony Xperia Z

Gagandeep Singh Sapra

A worthy Android phone but a disappointing camera

Sony DSC-RX1

This is a tiny full-frame camera. But it could easily blow a hole in your pocket

Samsung Galaxy Camera

A point-and-shoot for social media addicts who hate cellphone cameras

Fuji Film XF1

Enjoy its retro look and futuristic features

Canon 650D

Canon’s first touchscreen-enabled DSLR

Nikon D3200

Compact and loaded, this is among the best entry-level DSLRs

Sony Alpha SLT-A57K

An extremely fast DSLR with several features of a point-and-shoot camera

Nikon V1

It’s neither a compact camera nor an SLR. But it’s highly portable and takes great pictures

Sony HX10V

A feature-filled compact megazoom that can do both quality videos and stills

Nikon Coolpix 510

A fully loaded point-and-shoot that might try your patience


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