The Economics of IPL

Siddharth Singh

Indians’ love of the game. Fatigue? Perish the thought

Something’s Always Gotta Give

What Uber’s latest decision says about business and customers in our time

What’s in Store?

An efficient cold chain linkage system is key to fluctuating fruit and vegetable prices in India

Robo Chef

It can whip out a crispy dosa or make you a fiery chicken masala. And it will never ask you for a raise

Elon Musk’s Free Speech Gamble

One of Musk’s promises is to remove bots that inflate subscriber counts

The “Second City of the Empire”

In terms of its reputation as a business destination, West Bengal has climbed down a slippery slope

Halal Is Not Kosher

Its creeping imposition goes against the constitutional tenets of transparency and equal opportunity while violating animal rights

The India Story at Play

IPL is about a resurgent country using its soft power to make a statement

Elon Musk: The Disruptor

Will he reinvent social media after becoming the biggest shareholder of Twitter?

The Transformers

Successful innovation goes beyond technology, to include commerce and policy


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