Jio Platforms: Timely Disruption

Madhavankutty Pillai

The Facebook-Reliance Rs 43,574-crore alliance is good news in bleak economic times

The War on Fear

The government’s response to the economic fallout has been strong. It now needs to take care to ensure a smooth re-start

An Uncertain Economic Future

India and the world stare at a very different economic and political time ahead

The Coming Storm

A dramatic shift in the way we work and consume

The Anger at China

Even in the most liberal circles 'The Chinese must pay' is the common refrain

Other Damages

The world will at some point have to do a cost-benefit analysis of its response to the pandemic

Rana Kapoor: No Banker

How Rana Kapoor brought down the bank he built

Viral Fear

India joins the world in fighting Coronvirus (and hysteria)

India-Pakistan Trade: Border Trauma

The suspension of India-Pakistan trade has taken a toll on businesses and lives in Amritsar and Attari. Deserted check posts and empty warehouses are reminders of the boom that went bust in February last year

No Country for Diesel Cars

The death of the internal combustion engine that rose to dominance with Ford’s Model T doesn’t seem far away


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