Kitchen Confidential

Ullekh NP

Thousands of women-run home kitchens that popped up during the lockdown show no signs of going away

The Hydration Revolution

The reinvention of water as a wellness commodity

Turning over a New Leaf

The opportunities and pains of India’s tiny seaweed market

Old Money

How Covid-19 changes are pushing businesses to target a largely ignored demography of the elderly

Go the Distance

More regulatory reforms instead of stimulus packages please

Investing in Trust

While the budget seeks to ease last year’s pain, it wants companies and individuals to discipline themselves too

A Song for the Unsung

In doubling the allocation for MSMEs, the budget has recognised their potential in creating employment and boosting growth

Relatively Speaking

It will all look good in 2021, but only in comparison

A Time to Deliver

Cloud kitchens have emerged as the biggest trend of the dine-out culture in a pandemic year

Skin Sutra

Ayurveda makes a splash in the luxury beauty market


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