British colonialism

Delhi to Hyderabad

Madhulika Liddle

A historical novel traces how the nizam’s state acceded to India

A Female Gaze

Englishwomen who straddled two worlds

Misplaced Nostalgia

The Commonwealth has little value for India

The Royal Thread

The sartorial expressions of the Queen’s soft power

Envy of the World

Britain’s political continuity

Evaluating History

Why it doesn’t matter if the British were benign

The Power of Absence

In the Elizabethan code of leadership, unspoken words and unshown emotions could move a people

The Fall of Red Fort

Oral histories chronicling the end of the Mughals

The Man in the Tiger Mask

The many incarnations of Tipu Sultan

Inspirational India

The result of India gaining its independence was that it signalled a widespread change in the attitude towards colonial rule


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