Benjamin Netanyahu

A Lethal Impasse in Gaza

Jason Burke

What is the way out as the international pressure on Israel mounts and the humanitarian crisis deepens?

And Then There Were 134

America holds the key that can end the war in Gaza and bring the remaining Israeli hostages home

After the Hostages Come Home

Can Mahmoud Abbas’ Palestinian Authority govern Gaza when Hamas is gone?

Bibi’s Hubris and the Shaikh’s Diet

The other war Netanyahu can’t win and the uses of 1297 pre-dawn press-ups

Bibi’s Toughest Test

Israeli public opinion is near-unanimous that the prime minister will have to resign when the war ends

The Blaze of Gaza

The Israel-Hamas war is essentially a great-power conflict that pits two coalitions against each other like Ukraine war

Biden Loves Bibi

The US president’s muscular diplomacy cannot hide America’s lost standing in the Middle East

A Natural Partnership

Prime Minister Modi’s unambiguous support for Israel identifies the Jewish state as a friend in need while the global condemnation of Hamas’ terror reflects India’s core concerns

Benjamin Netanyahu: The Provocateur

He’s remaking Israel, for better or worse

Lessons from an Israeli Upheaval

There are parallels but also big differences with the Indian tussle between executive and judiciary


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