The Frontline of Democracy

Siddharth Singh

On a visit to the home village of top Maoist commander Hidma in Bastar, Siddharth Singh finds ground domination and a humanitarian outreach are containing Maoist terror

The Adivasis Strike Back

Behind the anti-conversion violence in Bastar is a fight for tribal identity

The Quivering Voice of Anil Kumar Dubey

What happened in Bijapur and why it can happen again

Breaching the Terror Corridor

The ambush on April 3rd apart, Maoists seem to be on the run as India intensifies its counter-insurgency operations

Maoists or Sub-Rural Thugs?

Getting out of the fallacy of ‘compassion vs combat’

The Endgame in Bastar

Maoists are running out of places to hide

Bastar: Guns and Roads

After nearly two decades of violence, Bastar now has a semblance of normalcy but this has more to do with individual choices than ideological leanings

Wild Lives

A personal portrait of tribal sensitivity

Ballot in Bastar

Where the people’s choice swings between hope and fear. Siddharth Singh reports from what was once a notorious Maoist village in Chhattisgarh

Amit Masurkar: ‘I have to keep the people’s view as the dominant narrative’

Amit Masurkar delves into conflict-ridden Chhattisgarh and emerges with uncanny hope and an Oscar nomination


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