art exhibitions

Gogi Saroj Pal: Figures of Defiance

Noor Anand Chawla

The trailblazing feminism of Gogi Saroj Pal

Dreamers and Doers

A multimedia collaboration between a photographer and a writer asks what it means to be young in India today

Ideals of the Past

Glimpses of ancient India’s cultural interaction with the West

The Sacred Feminine

Seeing Kali through India’s cultural memories

Breaching Boundaries

India Art Fair 2024 showcases the classical and the subversive across genres

Master Strokes

A Kolkata gallery celebrates its three decades by showcasing generational journeys

Material Lightness

The buoyancy of KS Radhakrishnan’s sculptures

The Hill View

Black-and-white photographs by Ian Lockwood celebrate the fragile ecology of south India

Sands and Sound

An exhibition at Jaisalmer Fort takes viewers through a diverse audio landscape from desert field recordings to rhythms of imaginary lands

Pageant of History

Visual depiction of three durbars brings out the colonial past of Delhi


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