art exhibitions

In the Garden of Senses

Shaikh Ayaz

The cross-cultural world of the mother-daughter artist duo Maïté Delteil and Maya Burman

Mortal City

Architect and artist Gautam Bhatia elaborates on the sequence of life from birth to death to rebirth in over 200 paintings

Memory’s Door

A group exhibition examines deletions and disappearances

The Afterlives of Stitches

Celebrating the relationship between Adip Dutta and late artist Meera Mukherjee

Between Bodies and Belonging

A group exhibition imagines a multiplicity of futures

Waswo X Waswo: The Observationist

The whimsical brilliance and self-deprecatory humour of Waswo X Waswo

The Net Worth of Seeing

When the virtual gallery comes home

Atul Dodiya: Shades of Memoirist

Atul Dodiya paints the possibilities of his own future

Jitish Kallat: The Space Traveller

Jitish Kallat’s new exhibition plays with our conception of otherness. He tells Rosalyn D’Mello about his obsession with the cosmos, cartography and philosophical enquiry

Bose Krishnamachari: Through a Mirror Darkly

For Bose Krishnamachari, art is life itself, and his solo exhibition in Kolkata shifts from minimalism to maximalism with sensational ease. He tells Nandini Nair why he can’t separate people from his creations


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