Angelina Jolie

The Limits of Prevention

Madhavankutty Pillai

The questions that arise from Angelina Jolie’s revelation of more organ removals


This World War II film dazzles with cinematography but betrays a distorted sense of history

The Fault, Dear Brutus, Lies in the Genes

Genetic testing for health risks holds plenty of promise in India, so long as enough people take to it

Being Angelina

Hollywood’s troubled child is now its bestselling actress who also manages the most glamorous family in the world. Open caught up with Angelina Jolie in Cancun, Mexico, and sought the woman behind the superstar.

The Decade in Review

President Sarah Palin, Google dollars and the birth of the new state of Talibstan. Tsk tsk, and that’s the good news compared to China’s response to India’s ‘obduracy’ on Tibet and Aishwarya Rai.


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