2024 New Year Issue

Home and Hearth

Sudeep Paul

The secularisation of the Christmas song

The Seductive Feminine

Seeking the sensuous from the Kamasutra to Kalidasa

The Churchill Paradox

Historians cannot square the wartime British prime minister’s fascination for India with his pessimism about its independent future

Taki 183

What life-graffiti are we leaving behind?

Many Napoleons

Discovering the French emperor through forgotten histories even as Ridley Scott asks historians to ‘get a life’

The Rock Chronicles

The Buddhist and Shaivite caves in and around Mumbai speak of a hidden past

The Mughal and the Tudor

The two warrior poets are a perfect study in the elusive nature of power

The Wartime Guru

Revisiting a sage from Kerala in the time of Ukraine and Gaza

The Great Wall Against China

The new balance of power after BRICS expansion

Blowing In the Shamal

The temporary existence of an Indian expatriate in the Gulf


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