A Coat of Many Colours

Hasan Askari and Nasreen Askari

The contribution of Hindus to the arts and crafts of Sindh before Partition

The Anarchy of Chewing Gum

A satirical take on the foibles of the British ruling class and Indian citizens, which resonates even today

Beyond Insiders and Outsiders

An astute analysis of identity and belonging in Assam

The Price of Success

Capitalism’s victory is all encompassing but it has also led the world to a cul-de-sac of ideas

All About the Mother

In praise of a different kind of woman in fiction

Being Real

Was India a wily swing state during the Cold War?

When the God Appeared

How are visionary experiences understood by practitioners themselves?

Second Thoughts

A philosophical appraisal of Gandhi’s outlook and ideas

One Hell of a Storyteller

Unni R, a master of the short story form, remains committed to an approximate realism

Women’s Day

For long relegated to the sidelines, heroines in history and mythology are taking centrestage in literature


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