The Juggernaut

Siddharth Singh

BJP ends the Patnaik era with a landslide

The Man and the Mystique

Modi has psychologically liberated Hindus just as Gandhi had freed the Indian mind

Return of the Satraps

Five of them not only held on to their turfs but emerged stronger as well

A Shot At Redemption

Rahul Gandhi has led Congress out of the doldrums. Can the party sustain its new momentum?

No Time to Pause

Modi may set aside BJP’s more contentious agendas but he is unlikely to be overcautious

The Undiminished

A better idea of India has won

It’s about Us. Not about Modi

Between the irony and reality of a verdict

To defeat Modi at all costs

Muslims were summoned by a higher power to vote out BJP

The Next Five Years

An action plan for Modi 3.0

India Renews Its Trust In Modi

The Prime Minister begins his third term with the confidence of working with allies. And the Opposition is unlikely to remain united against him


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