Flair and Fast

Amita Shah

Vande Bharat is changing train travel for Indians with its speed, comfort and look

Kashmir: Dateline Fear

Behind the recent threat to journalists in Kashmir is a war of narratives

PT Usha: Born to Run

As IOA president, the legend is back in the spotlight

Courts of Discontent

The law minister’s remarks have been interpreted as crossing a Lakshman rekha. They are hardly that

‘Vande Bharat is a symbol of resurgent India’

For Sudhanshu Mani, the innovator behind the Vande Bharat train and author of My Train 18 Story, it was the realisation of a childhood dream that India should have a swanky, modern and fast train. He spoke to Open about his journey and his train’s

Falling for Foliage

Rare houseplants have become instagrammable collectibles for a new generation of urban greenthumbs

To the Moon and Beyond

With the launch of NASA’S Artemis, the race for space colonisation begins even as India waits and watches whom to partner with

A Crypto Meltdown

Does the FTX collapse mark the end of cryptocurrency? Insiders say such shocks are temporary and typical of financial markets

United Against Terror

A series of high-profile conferences in New Delhi sees a wider acceptance of India’s concerns and strategies

A Trade Wind from Australia

India has not let trade pessimism and its unhappy experience with trade liberalisation talks come in the way of bilateral trade deals


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