Reading and Seeing

Aditya Mani Jha

Several high-profile adaptations of literary fiction prove that big books can make for fine viewing

Workless at Home

What it’s like to be suddenly unemployed during a pandemic

Left Alone

The psychological toll of recovering in isolation

Back to School

NEP 2020 rightly puts emphasis on mathematical training, the weakest link in learning in Indian schools

Conversion Terror

The move to turn a gurdwara into a mosque further reveals Pakistan’s suppression of minorities

Low vitamin D levels raise Covid-19 infection risks

An Israeli study on a large population will now probe links with high death risks

The Second Act

Yesteryear actors return to play complex roles as streaming platforms give space to a greater variety of stories

Ashok Gehlot: The Desert Fox

The daring and durability of Ashok Gehlot

Virtual Checkmate

Chess streaming goes mainstream in India with top-ranked players and Youtubers collaborating to create a new audience

Xi Jinping should not ape Milosevic, says expert

Noted China critic and historian Olsi Jazexhi says he is also worried about anti-Muslim campaigns in India


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