Art & Culture

A Measure of Time

Shaikh Ayaz

An exhibition by a Baroda-based gallery features 19 artists and a range of styles from AI sketches to gold on paper

Myna Mukherjee: The Bridge

As a curator Myna Mukherjee joins the dots between disparate worlds

Shuvaprasanna: Making the Epics Fabulous

Shuvaprasanna’s oil-and-acrylic paintings celebrate the stories of the Mahabharata

Adequate and Suitable

This year’s India Art Fair allows South Asian artists to enjoy the well-deserved limelight

Shadows of the Mind

An online interdisciplinary exhibition explores the complexities of mental wellbeing

Stage of Blood

Naveen Kishore’s photographs document the political nature of Manipuri experimental theatre

Manisha Gera Baswani: Palette of Pain

Manisha Gera Baswani uses incisions and perforations, threads and stitches to reveal processes of injury and healing

What Is a Modern Masterpiece?

An exhibition in Mumbai attempts to answer that question with 50 landmark works

What’s in a Medium?

Pushpamala N’s photo-performances open up to scrutiny the act of dressing-up and posing for the camera, as well as the desire to recreate visual stories

Garden As Refuge

Ruchira Gupta’s watercolour paintings follow the freedom of nature


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