In Conversation with TM Krishna

V Shoba

TM Krishna tells V Shoba how his book on Mrdangam makers made him examine his relationship with instrumentalists and other hierarchies

An Idea Between the Covers

America was the New Jerusalem. It is still the Promised Land. That is not a complete picture but it is how the America we know began. From Henry James’ wilderness with ‘nothing’ in it, the US quickly grew to lead the world, economically, militarily and intellectually. A big country, a lot of things have happened in its brief timeline, and everything has mattered. Below is a list of 10 books, fiction and non-fiction, that span most of the country’s history as the ‘United’ States of America and explain how it was made—and continues to be remade

Gold Standard

Tokyo Olympics will be a crucial reality check for Indian sports

Scene by Scene

The evolution of Indian entertainment as told by a veteran insider

Neruda’s Ship

Isabel Allende’s new novel follows exiles in search of a home in the aftermath of the Spanish Civil War

Women and Violence

Giving flesh and form to statistics and anecdotes from Kashmir

The Last Runner

How a broken beast won hearts and races

The Philosopher Who Would Be King

It is hard not to think that India would have been a very different country under Dara Shukoh

Check In, Check Out

Demystifying the Indian hotel industry

From the Spectral Island

Shehan Karunatilaka’s new novel is a whodunnit set in the afterlife. He tells Bhavya Dore that Sri Lanka is crawling with ghosts


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