A Guarantee Of Continuity

Harsh V Pant

Modi’s re-election assures India’s allies that Delhi will play a leading role in shaping the new world order

The Second-Majority Complex

Indian Muslims should focus on their potential as citizens

The Persistence of an Idea Called Modi

In ten years he has doubled and trebled the pride in being Indian

The Toxic Nexus

Joe Biden’s blunder fosters a China-Russia friendship and an American nightmare

The Theology of Liberation

Freedom and fearlessness in the time of disruptions

Restoring the Sun God In Kashmir

The political urgency of rebuilding Hinduism in the Valley

The Seven Deadly Sins of Democracy

Inside the relationship between citizen and power

In Praise of the Provincial

Why those from small towns, whether it is William Shakespeare or DH Lawrence, are the equal of their more urban peers

The Terror of Writing on Terror

The trials of collecting material on the Lashkar-e-Tayyaba

Minority Report: How Muslim’s Fare in Modi’s India

Muslims in Modi’s India are doing better than Blacks in the US


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