The Badminton Revolution

Boria Majumdar

Structural changes enabled the Thomas Cup triumph

A Boon for Paris 2024

The postponement of the Asian Games is good news for Indian athletes

Pride and Passion

Revisiting the IPL story as a new season begins

The Esport Revolution

It can remake sport for the post-Covid era

Life’s Longing for Itself

Sport and religion play out on the badminton court

Catharsis In Qatar

The FIFA World Cup in the Gulf nation will mark a spectacular finale to the year

Triumphs and Tears

The year India undid one hundred years of Olympic underperformance

Why India is not a sporting nation?

The ecosystem must support the making of a champion

Moments in Arts and Sports of Independent India

No country can be contained in 75 moments, but these remain milestones of the work in progress

Are We All Winners?

The love and hate of competitions


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