For the Love of the Game

Ullekh NP

The rise of online fantasy sport

Cry Barcelona

Football’s biggest star decides to part ways with the club that he defined

No Spectator Sport

Sporting events resume to virtual audiences cheering on their teams and TV broadcasts with crowd sounds punched in

Virtual Checkmate

Chess streaming goes mainstream in India with top-ranked players and Youtubers collaborating to create a new audience

Balbir Singh (1924-2020): True Legend

He was one of hockey’s greatest centre forwards

The Stadium after Covid-19

Players prepare for the mental challenge of sports without cheering spectators

All Quiet in the Arena

There is nobility in defeat, but no grace in the death of sport

Gold Standard

Tokyo Olympics will be a crucial reality check for Indian sports

Virat Kohli: The Majestic

The Indian captain enters 2020 with greatness just a grasp away

A Sledge Across the Personal Tundra

On running, life, and everything in between


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