Indian politics

Belur Moments

Jayanta Ghosal

When Modi had two luchis (the Bengali version of puris), dal and plain khichdi, which he enjoyed so much that he took a second helping

Ignorance Breeds Contempt

A perpetual pessimist questions the Modi Government's civic push


The silence of talented MPs, optimism of opposition leaders and pushiness of duty-free hawkers

The Many Faces of Sharad Yadav

The constant turner of ideological shades finds he has nowhere left to go but down

Post-Truth and Indian Politics

It gets worse before it gets better

Being a Gandhi in the Time of Modi

India has changed but it is a change that Sonia Gandhi is ill-equipped to cope with and Rahul Gandhi is incapable of comprehending

Diplomatically Hindu

A provocative thesis questions the Western fundamentals of diplomacy and argues for an Indian way of engaging the world

An Object of Derision

Tavleen Singh in her new book should have allowed a bit of sunlight between perception and reality

Swapan Dasgupta: Getting it Right

An advocate of ‘civilised debate’ in the polarised political climate

Why Indian Politics Is Anti-Wealth

The pornography of poverty is the aesthetic of the desperate populist. And there is no place more rewarding than India for him. Pornography sells, and when poverty is marketed as wretchedness over which we have no control, it sells more


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