Indian Parliament

The Great Power Shift

Rajeev Deshpande

The overwhelming support for the Women’s Reservation Bill in Parliament marks the distance women have come in national life and is a big political victory for BJP

Bharat Mandapam

The entire ITPO complex has been transformed into a large and well-equipped conference centre and several halls to provide space for displays and exhibitions

Guessing Games

Modi has displayed a capacity for springing surprises

Science and God

Keeping with India’s cultural traditions

Uses of Leniency

A joint committee of Parliament has submitted a report on an omnibus Bill that seeks to decriminalise provisions in forty-two laws by replacing jail terms with penalties

Bad Manners in the House

The session is set to conclude several days before schedule in view of an implacable logjam between the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party and Congress

Microphone Therapy

The functioning of microphones in Parliament and their alleged manipulation

The Return of Rahul Gandhi

And guess who’s taking him seriously

The Workers’ Utopia

Unimplementable ideas to get Parliament to function

The Noisy Indian

An ear for an ear in a decibel-mad country


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