James Astill

James Astill is Senior Editor with The Economist. He was till recently its Washington bureau chief and Lexington columnist. He is a contributor to Open

Donald Trump at the Republican convention in Cleveland
US Election 2016: Did the Khans Break the Trumpet?

An unknown immigrant family at the Democratic convention may have shaken the loutish Republican candidate a bit but this election is not yet Hillary Clinton’s to lose

04 August 2016
Boris Johnson and his wife Marina Wheeler at a polling booth in London
Absolutely Boris

The man chiefly responsible for Britain’s decision to leave the European Union would probably prefer it to remain

30 June 2016
THE EGOMANIAC: Donald Trump campaigning at Dubuque Regional Airport, Iowa
US Election 2016: Donald Up Close

The Republican candidate is much more pleasant in private than in his snarling public performances. Our contributor gets closer to Donald Trump

11 May 2016
WILL SHE TRUMP DONALD? Hillary Clinton at an event at Stanford University, California, on 23 March (DAVID PAUL MORRIS/GETTY IMAGES)
Hillary Clinton: Make Way for Madam President

In spite of the trust deficit, it’s time for the Clinton dynasty’s tryst with the White House

31 March 2016
Leicester City striker Jamie Vardy (centre) in the English Premier League match against Manchester City on 6 February that his team won 3-1 (Photo: ADRIAN DENNIS/GETTY IMAGES)
Leicester City A Football Fantasy

A mid-sized English club shakes up and cheers up the football world

28 February 2016
Open Essay
US Election: A Time of Fear and Loathing

Are Americans going to choose as their candidate for the world’s most important job two of the most ill-suited claimants to that role imaginable?

28 January 2016
Out of Africa

The romance of being a foreign correspondent

23 December 2015
Sachin Goes Stateside

A veterans tour provides a poignant moment for reflection on cricket’s beauty and its troubles

19 November 2015
US Elections: Missing the Leader

The rise of Donald Trump is a sign of deep conflict and malaise in the Republican Party. Still, it is premature for Hillary Clinton to smile

29 October 2015
Open Essay
Ashes 2015: Dust to Dust

A thrilling and unexpected series victory for England in the Ashes of 2015 points to a troubling cultural change in world cricket

20 August 2015


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