Boria Majumdar

Boria Majumdar is a sports journalist and author

No. 1 vs Small Rainy Isle

When was the last time you heard of 100 per cent match ticket presales for an entire Test series? That’s the level of anticipation for the India-England series that gets under way on 21 July

14 July 2011
‘This Time, It’s Different’

The ‘gamechanger’ cliché sits well on him. A man of great talent by any reckoning, Yuvraj Singh will need to be at his best for India to go the distance. Over dinner at his house in Delhi, he spoke at length about the upcoming biggie

18 February 2011
‘It’s a happy bunch under Gary’

He wasn’t available for two consecutive T20 World Cups in 2009 and 2010. India failed in both. Many feel it is his performance at the top of the order that has taken India to pole position in Test cricket. Virender Sehwag, without a doubt, will hold the key to India’s chances in World Cup 2011. Here’s what he had to say in an hour of cricket adda at his New Delhi home

17 February 2011
‘New Name for Pressure Is Responsibility’

Chances are, this will be a spinners’ tournament, given the pitches and playing conditions in the Subcontinent. If that’s the case, India’s fortunes might well revolve around Harbhajan Singh’s spinning fingers. His thoughts on the subject

16 February 2011
The World According to Kalmadi

“I remain accountable for all spends I am sanctioning.”

30 July 2010
The Victory

Mohun Bagan’s 1911 IFA Shield victory was much more than a sporting milestone, it gave a colonised nation spine and pride.

22 July 2010
“We put in the hours and got the results”

Geoff Marsh will coach Pune’s IPL team. The man who believes that too much of anything—including money—is bad, recalls how a simple work ethic turned the struggling Australian team into a world-class team.

08 July 2010
Ecstasy and Agony

The author visits pubs at Oxford to catch the euphoria and the heartbreak of the English football-crazy fan.

28 June 2010
The Effect on Africa

The investment World Cup 2010 may not yield many tangible benefits. The money, too, could’ve been better spent. So, why are the South Africans so excited about the Cup?

02 June 2010
IPL: Body Blow

Without the tri-colour in play, does it really matter who wins or loses an IPL game? Is playing in the IPL worth jeopardising a player’s fitness and prospects for international matches?

25 March 2010


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