Chhattisgarh politics

The Modi Coalition

Siddharth Singh

Conventional social barriers have been broken to forge an alliance from below

‘Individual MLAs may be in trouble but the government has done very well’

The deputy chief minister talks about Congress’ chances of retaining power in Chhattisgarh as well as the fiscal impact of farm loan waivers and the state’s return to the Old Pension Scheme. He speaks to

Grain of Truth

Tracking paddy farmers who could decide the outcome of the battle between Congress and BJP in Chhattisgarh’s second phase

The Raman Effect

It’s a lone battle for the Chhattisgarh Chief Minister

Amit Jogi: The Man Who Knows Too Much

Amit Jogi, accused, among other things, of fixing an election, once again finds himself at the centre of political turmoil in Chhattisgarh


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