US president

Kargil and Clinton

TP Sreenivasan

The US president did not accept the condition that he should mediate between India and Pakistan

Biden the Civil

There is a sense of a great national cleansing and realignment

The Name of the Normal

Biden time in American politics

Banking on Biden

The new president’s China policy will shape India’s cooperation and Beijing’s behaviour in Asia

The Questioning Self

The form of autobiography has long been Barack Obama’s way of explaining his way in the world

India Connection

Both the US president-elect and the vice president-elect have an India link

Trump, the Golfer

A handicap and an incentive for the American president

Joe Biden: The Day of the Quiet American

Joe Biden, an error-prone politician but a universally well-liked man, scarcely put a foot wrong during the campaign. Trump and the pandemic made that relatively easy. The President soaked up all the attention, not in a good way. Biden seems to have unseated him with a sense of decency

The Biden Momentum, Lingering Trumpism

A dispatch from the disunited states of America

The Mind and Mandate of America 2020

Can President Biden be the new Reconciler-in-Chief?


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