Maya Plays with Fire

Dhirendra K. Jha

The BSP leader’s latest effort to woo Muslims as part of her new electoral formula is raising the communal temperature in UP.

The more things change…

Party president Nitin Gadkari has set up a new team to revive the BJP, but if the party needed a break from the past, this is certainly not it.

Matua Millions for Mamata

A 12.5 million-strong sect in Bengal has ditched the Left and might vote en bloc for Didi because their guru wants them to.

India Will Never Be the Same Again

Don’t underestimate its impact. The Women’s Reservation Bill could prove as significant as the Mandal reservations in altering India’s political landscape.

Uniformed Mess

The Maoist attack on EFR’s camp at Silda has stirred more trouble for the beleaguered West Bengal government. It is the long-neglected EFR that is now threatening to revolt against the state.

The BJP Ultimatum

The principal opposition party’s Indore conclave signalled an RSS-induced resolve to put their house in order and broaden the party’s vote base.

Coalition Sceptre Hangs over British Elections

With the increasing popularity of LibDems, the UK could see a hung parliament this year, as traditional Labour supporters now have the option of changing their mind without voting Conservative.

Kabhi Here, Kabhi There

Not even the most fickle politician has changed affiliations as many times as Amitabh Bachchan. Why does the greatest superstar in Indian cinema history hanker so much for political patronage?

23 Years of Lost Opportunities

Jyoti Basu had everything needed to make West Bengal one of India’s premier states. It is an enduring tragedy that he refused to do it.

From INC to Congress Inc.

It was a party of educated professionals once, and Rahul Gandhi wants to make it so again. But his father before him had tried, and he will succeed only if he finds a new way to do it.


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