Men-women relationship

The Uses of the Erotic

Amrita Narayanan

Saving sensuality in the age of techno-porn

The Fall of Man

And a new moral system in the making

Erotic Forever

Sex and sensuality in Indian imagination over the ages

The Power of a Woman’s Spirit

Man’s strength, the muscular traction, is a pale and paltry thing in comparison

A Pause in Romance

Relationships win at the cost of love in serialised shows on the internet

Sexual Cleansing

An online community of the young declares war on pornography

Pheromone Parties: Scent and Sensuality

Using olfactory science to help you sniff out the perfect match

The Latest Ghost Story

In which you swipe left to erase a relationship

How to Beat the Passion App

Can an app really quantify your last orgasm?

The Lost Mothers of Yavatmal

In a border district of Maharashtra, a large number of women are stigmatised for being abandoned by men after pregnancy


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