The Rage of the Fringe

S Prasannarajan

Who are the losers in ‘my god versus your god’?

The Historian’s Eye

Romila Thapar provides a nonjudgmental cultural perspective on China

The Unwelcome Guest

Trotsky’s Exile in France (1933-1935)

There Cannot Be Two Suns in One Sky

For China, exclusivity applies everywhere it chooses to go

Marx, Didi and Durga

West Bengal’s annual carnival is a magnetic draw for politicians

Open Diary

High-key sexual harassment charges and the low-key centenary of the Bolshevik Revolution 

Bounce-Back Thrills

Our idea of wealth has changed and so has our need of heroes

Interpreter of a Malady

Piketty needs his critique of capitalism shorn of overreach, not overhyped

Lenin De-Mummified

Tariq Ali resurrects the Soviet patriarch from distortions of history


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