Indian women

The Phantom Invasion

Kishan S Rana

How British panic at the Japanese threat aggravated Indian suffering in 1942

Searching for Anon

The missing Indian women essayists

A Woman Walks Into a Bar

Female comics are changing the male world of standup comedy but it is a hard grind

What Women Want

A new show explores the urban Indian woman’s search for fulfilment and intimacy

A Winning Attitude

The new generation of athletes who could make India a sporting power

Women entrepreneurs in informal sector as smart as men

A global study on India says that gender doesn’t play a role in the quicker transition of family firms into entrepreneurial entities

Leading Ladies

Exploring human emotions and modern technology

In This World I Only Weep

The exile and exaltation of Meerabai

Half the Battle Won

The question is whether it will be extended to the personnel below officer rank, and to the Navy and Air Force as well

Missing the Mavericks

Portraits of historical and symbolic women that barely bring them to life


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