Indian market

Apple of the Indian Eye

Moinak Mitra

Can India leap across the quality gulf? Tim Cook and his team have taken a bet on it

Gold Rush

On the second-order effects of the price of the metal soaring

The False Fear of Market Power

Why solve a problem that does not exist

A Crypto Meltdown

Does the FTX collapse mark the end of cryptocurrency? Insiders say such shocks are temporary and typical of financial markets

TikTok: Video Voodoo

The company’s ties to the Chinese regime are likely to backfire across the world

The Digital Doctrine

A strong message for the new economy

The Platinum Rush

Over the last decade, platinum has been trying to make inroads into the Indian Jewellery market, one of the most evolved in the world and bound intricately by tradition and culture

The smart new world of Über-efficiency

With people swiping smartphones for food options, restaurateur ego-willing, menu prices could yet go dynamic in a chain reaction across the Indian market


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